Allentown Fair Train Display

The important info is:
HOURS:  3-9PM.
TEARDOWN: 9/6 10AM - ?

We will be located in the farmers market at the lower portion where the show ticket booths are. Next to the RITZ. There is a large rollup door next to us. It is a much larger area so we can have a larger nicer display. That being said,however, we will keep the layout to a simpler design so it will be easier for everyone to control. There will be NO platform or switching tracks. I envision it to be in about a 20'x30' area.

The next thing is the hours. They will be significantly less then previous years. The hours will be from 3-9pm each day. It would be good if we could split up the hours into two 3 hour shifts. 3-6 and 6-9pm. If someone would like to stay longer (or shorter) that would be fine. 

This year we will be getting 4 parking spaces on the paved area by the 17th street gate!!  That means no parking in the dirt or by the show crowd. I will also try to get some wrist bands. If you need to pay for parking or entrance ,however, the club will reimburse you. It is a short walk from paved parking to the trains (behind the RITZ).

The EAST PENN TRACTION club will be displaying their trolley modules. They will have 2 layouts (HO,O) gauge along each wall by the large door. That should make it interesting.